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We treat the clients' products as our own. So while we are part of the project, we protect the product with all our might.

During the active development phase, the team is well aware of all significant product problems and has a plan for solving them. When development is paused, knowledge of the product is lost over time because team members no longer interact with it every day. From experience, we know that entrepreneurs often need quite a bit of time for marketing and sales or fundraising after completing the main part of development.

So we prepare in advance for this moment. When the pause stage arrives, we know what to do to keep the product viable. Usually, we have already made all the necessary preparations and simply follow the established protocols. They provide the proper handling of new product issues, reaction to new technical problems, and general product viability.

It's challenging to prepare an early-stage product for development after a long pause. During fast and agile development, it happens to be necessary to neglect the risks of incomplete documentation and technical development of all scenarios. Together with the product owners, we agree on the level of risk openly and comprehensively. We explicitly show all the threats to keep the product in its current state without additional work on documentation and technical debt. Together, we make the best decision for the product. And, as a rule, we only suspend the development of the product in a decent state.

We continue to pursue our client's interests during this pause as agreed. Here we take the same approach as in active development — we analyze the threats from each potential problem according to our client's goals. If necessary, we involve our client in the decision-making process.

Our modern toolset (Sentry, ELK, Prometheus, custom tools, and bug tracker) allows us to efficiently keep our hand on the pulse of the product at a low cost. That's why we are confident that our products will survive any pause in development and further development will be successful.

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