Technical consulting

technical consulting

We design technical solutions and arrange the development process in the case of complex problems or if you need a second opinion. We construct product's architecture for unusual cases, solve complex technical problems, rebuild complicated product processes. We provide a solution design and put it into practice together with you. We eliminate local difficulties until the original problem is solved.

This kind of consulting is productive when your team is stuck with a technical problem for a while. Maybe you need specific technical expertise or a rework of the original problem or just a view from the outside? Either way, we would be glad to help you. Together we identify the problem's essence and figure out the causes. In case we are starting not from scratch, we analyze the problem's environment: requirements, architecture, codebase, documentation, and processes. We try to solve the problem using industry-accepted approaches. If we succeed, we enhance the solution to the required level of efficiency. Otherwise, we hypothesize, conduct experiments, analyze the results, then develop a working and scalable solution. Afterward, in case you'd need it, we can continue collaboration in the agile development format.

After you outline the issue and provide all needed input, we will come up with a rough estimate of the solution. It will include a clear plan of our actions and the rationale for its productivity.

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