Startup consulting

startup consulting

We provide business and technical assessment of your business model concept with an MVP plan. This is more than PoC: we are motivated to extend our collaboration to agile development format after consulting if the objective hypothesis was confirmed.

We recommend this format if your business model concept involves broad technical expertise or requires many pivots at the beginning. Another cause is it could be foreseen that the business model assumes multiple pivots. Together we crystallize the business model and its competitive advantages. Under your control, we formulate and describe the PoC plan to test the hypothesis of the business model. Next we suggest you the technical aspects of POC plan to achieve the highest impact-effort ratio possible. If we consider that to be reasonable together, then we will build the MVP and evaluate the results of its testing.

We strive to test each hypothesis as quickly and cheaply as possible, because to build a business model, they need to be tested in large numbers. We do not use startup practices unnecessarily. So we can clearly explain the need and rationale for such an approach if we ask you something like filling out a Lean Canvas template. We need an executive summary or equivalent document to start. After figuring out the details, we often offer a fixed price for this service.

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