Agile development

agile development

We create effective market-ready products through an agile development process. Web applications or platforms, high-loaded or complex technical tools, plugins, chatbots, APIs, and mobile applications.

Such work approach is productive when creating a startup or a new branch of the business. When the goals are unclear and can be changed or refined and time is a factor, or there are objective concerns about frequent pivots, it could be hard to gather the right team of professionals. We bill you for the achieved business goals while we develop a product for you. We will never offer you “Time and Material” or a “Dedicated Team” engagement model. We don't think such formats are productive for you.

Together we formulate the best possible approximation of the product's goal. We justify your benefit in achieving this goal and gather information about success criteria. Then we evaluate and analyze the project's risks and choose the optimal toolkit for the foreseeable future. The next step is to set up the proper working processes that will lead to fruitful results. According to the previous analysis, we develop a general plan to achieve local and global objectives. We build a product, constantly checking the quality and accuracy of ongoing results. The product is released as soon as it is ready to interact with the user. During the feedback collection, we improve the product's functionalities, increase its manageability, and reduce risks and costs. After that, the goals are usually achieved.

Of course, you need to understand the cost estimates and deadlines of the product as accurately as possible. We are motivated to make sure that the cost estimates are reasonable and the deadlines are acceptable at every stage of the collaboration. That's why we give you estimates in a transparent and predictable way. As a rule of thumb, we fit accurately into the provided estimates. We need your attention, sincerity, and vision to get the job done. The rest is our responsibility. We value each professional's time, so we won't waste yours without a real need.

We prefer to work on products that bring real value to your customers. You can count on comprehensive analysis and constructive criticism in all matters related to the product. We are ready to settle all issues in our expertise area in production.

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