Collecting input

collecting input

[ Inconsistent premises imply any conclusion at all ]

— paradox of entailment

All other processes depend on this because we make every decision based on input data. Therefore we should collect input with strict accuracy and thoroughly document it, especially when the person who own necessary information has a busy schedule. If input is incomplete or not provided on time, there is a significant risk that the rest of the processes will go in the wrong direction, or their efficiency will be pretty low.

To make good product decisions, we need to understand the client's information. Customer's or product stakeholder's positions are more valuable for product development when we know the primary reasons. Otherwise, our actions can lead to incorrect product or technical decisions. As a result, it can be harmful to the product. That's why, our managers can understand and clarify requirements on the spot and then reliably document and transfer inputs to the team. This process leads to short and effective communications. That's why, all of our managers have business expertise and a strong technical background.

We strive to develop competitive products resistant to all types of threats. For this, we thoroughly study the business model as a whole. A deep understanding of our customer's business enables us to build robust, forward-looking solutions. We foresee most of the product pivots and have an idea of how we would act in such a situation. Many customer or product stakeholder decisions depend on the ability to implement the solution quickly and cost-effectively. For example, prioritizing functionality in a product often depends on the complexity and speed of its implementation. Our managers have the technical expertise and can estimate functionality right on the spot in most cases. So, our customers can manage product plans better and make decisions faster.

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